Juicing Fruits & Veggies ~ Keep it Simple!

For my 14th Birthday, my aunt Wilma gave me my very first Juicer made by a German company “AEG”. Almost 5 decades later, I still have it. It works better than any other juicer I’ve tried, so a few years ago I purchased the Power Juicer from Jack LaLanne that is bigger but is designed the same. I use my AEG when I go on vacations so I don’t wear it out somehow with regular use. They both are super easy to use and clean. There may be better, more expensive juicers on the market, but most are not as easy to clean as the ones I have. The main thing to remember is to store the “key” that unlocks the main circular blade in the compost bucket so it doesn’t get misplaced for the next time you use it.

The World Wide Web did not exist back then so I started with just a little instructional booklet that came with the AEG juicer.The main 3 ingredients to start with were apples, carrots and celery. That is the base recipe I use today and depending on my mood, my immune boosting needs at the time and what I happen to have in the garden or stored in my refrigerator, I will add beets, ginger root, garlic, peppers, onions, turmeric root, broccoli, cucumbers, cauliflower, cherries, peaches and/or strawberries.

My husband, Frankie, has always struggled with his cholesterol count, his total hovering around 280. His triglycerides were at 507. Because his father had a quadruple bypass when he was in his 60’s, Frankie’s medical doctor put him on a Statin drug that turned him into someone I did not recognize. Not only did he develop the usual side effects of headaches, muscle aches, dizziness, memory loss and confusion, he just didn’t “feel right” and he sure didn’t act right! He was irritable and agitated and after only 6 weeks, I asked him to stop taking the statin drug and try a juicing fast for 7 days. We did the juice fast together (that’s true love) and continued to juice a few times a week until his next doctor visit. His cholesterol dropped down to 183, his triglycerides went down to 123. He also lost 8 pounds and became his usual fun, cheery self again. It’s not rocket science… it’s simply nature doing what it is designed to do and that is to nourish our bodies on a cellular level to heal itself.

Keep the recipes simple. Start with the base recipe: apples, carrots and celery. There are several excellent books with recipes in them that can assist you in helping your body heal whatever it may be struggling with. There are cancer clinics that do nothing but help clients heal with juicing vegetables, fruits and herbs. Just a side note: Herbs and leafy vegetables like kale are better juiced by placing them in a blender with a little water and then adding them to your main concoction. The leafy stuff gets caught up and stuck in the blade. Oranges, tangerines and grapefruits are best juiced separately with a Citrus Juicer.

NOTE: It is crucial to use only organic produce. Drenching your cells with dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals is totally counterproductive! Yes, it may cost a little more unless you are picking fresh from your own organic garden, but trust me when I tell you that chemotherapy and insulin are much more expensive later on!


Juicing fruits and veggies is an easy way to get all of your daily servings in one huge gulp. But don’t forget you still need plenty of fiber as part of your daily diet, too. At our homestead, we don’t have the time to juice every day so we make enough to store in glass bottles in the refrigerator for up to 2 to 3 days. If you would like to begin raw juicing to improve your health, below are links for my favorite juicers (aside from my old AEG) and a few of my favorite books that feature simple and affordable recipes for better health and vitality.

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